Board and Committees

Board and Committees 2017-03-27T19:50:13-04:00

Board of Directors

Nakkertok Members have an opportunity to guide the strategic direction of Nakkertok and the implementation of its Strategic Plan and Budgets by participating on the Nakkertok Board of Directors. The Nakkertok Board is composed of the leaders of all of Nakkertok’s program areas as well as individuals responsible for specific activities like communications, fundraising, events, etc.

Current Board Members for 2016/2017

  • Robert Hornung, President 1st yr  returning
  • Mary Daly, Vice President 2nd yr
  • Jan O’Donnell, Treasurer 2nd yr
  • Don Sproule, Secretary 1st yr
  • Andrew Hurst, LTS Program 1st yr
  • Grant Williams, Racing Program 1st yr
  • Karen Mihorean, Adventure Program 2nd yr
  • Rachel Williams, Competitive Events   1st yr returning
  • Dirk Van Wijk, Landowner 2nd yr
  • Ken Lindfors, Trails and Facilities 1st yr returning
  • John Stephenson, Nakkertok North 2nd yr
  • Sue Schlatter, Fundraising 2nd yr
  • Ian Skerrett, Communications 1st yr

Each Board member term is for two years.

If you are interested in participating on the Nakkertok Board of Directors, or supporting the Board by contributing time to various committees, please contact the Nakkertok Administrator (