Member Survey – Nakkertok 2019-2024 Strategic Plan – Deadline is Feb 3rd!

Nakkertok is developing a 5-year strategic plan. The plan will be presented at Nakkertok’s Spring 2019 meeting. The perspectives of members are critical to determining the priorities of the club, including its programs, activities, facilities, and governance. Feedback from all members, regardless of length of time with the club or their program affiliation, is important [...]

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Nakkertok season pass

For the members that have not yet received their annual season pass, the Club Manager will be on site to distribute them on the following days: Sunday, 20 Jan 19, between 9:30am and 10:30am Tuesday, 22 Jan 19, between 8:30am and 10:30am    

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Volunteers needed

Nakkertok is looking for volunteers to help promote the Club. The Club will be participating in the 2019 Cantley Carnival on 26 January between noon and 4pm.  The following weekend, on 2 Feb 19,  Nakkertok will be hosting its very popular Open House. For both events, we are looking for help with the distribution of [...]

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Nakkertok & Zizu Optics!

Nakkertok is pleased to announce a very unique relationship with an  Ottawa-based company,  ZiZU Optics, as a supplier to the club. ZiZU Optics was founded by former Nakkertok member Ari Niemi, who now wants to help lend support to Nakkertok by helping the club. Need some tough, durable eyewear?  Have a look: Nakkertok  members will be able [...]

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Learn to Ski Sessions – Assistant Ski Patrollers needed!

The Canadian Ski Patrollers (CSP) who are present during our Learn to Ski (LTS) sessions are in need of assistants to ski with them during their sessions.  This volunteer "job" couldn't be simpler - ski the trails with a trained ski patrol person! Please consider adding yourself to the roster here CSP has provided a [...]

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Nakkertok South Trail Tours

Welcome!  New this year are tours of the trails at Nakkertok South.  Join us to see the trail network and learn about the land from the landowners Claudia & Dirk van Wijk.  Tours will run for the first two weeks of Learn To Ski lessons, on both Saturday and Sunday. Whether you’re a new member or [...]

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