Request for Volunteers for 2019 Canadian Ski Championships

As most of you will heave heard, Nakkertok is hosting the 2019 Canadian Ski Championships from March 13-20. You can sign up to volunteer here This is a huge event drawing skiers from across the country for a week of outstanding racing. In order to have the event run smoothly we need volunteers!  There [...]

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Nakkertok is hiring – Head coach Nakkertok racing program

Head Coach Nakkertok Nordic: Thanks to a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture  and Sport Quest for Gold Enhanced Coaching Program,  Nakkertok is hiring a full time, enthusiastic leader to be the new head of our race program overseeing athletes from FUNdamentals to Train Compete. We have a successful high performance racing program with 250 athletes, 2 [...]

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Member Survey – Nakkertok 2019-2024 Strategic Plan – Deadline is Feb 3rd!

Nakkertok is developing a 5-year strategic plan. The plan will be presented at Nakkertok’s Spring 2019 meeting. The perspectives of members are critical to determining the priorities of the club, including its programs, activities, facilities, and governance. Feedback from all members, regardless of length of time with the club or their program affiliation, is important [...]

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Nakkertok season pass

For the members that have not yet received their annual season pass, the Club Manager will be on site to distribute them on the following days: Sunday, 20 Jan 19, between 9:30am and 10:30am Tuesday, 22 Jan 19, between 8:30am and 10:30am    

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Volunteers needed

Nakkertok is looking for volunteers to help promote the Club. The Club will be participating in the 2019 Cantley Carnival on 26 January between noon and 4pm.  The following weekend, on 2 Feb 19,  Nakkertok will be hosting its very popular Open House. For both events, we are looking for help with the distribution of [...]

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