Nakkertok trails access cards

New this year, each Nakkertok members will receive a trails access card. We ask that this card be worn when skiing on the facility.  Thanks to our sponsor, Fresh Air Experience, who helped make this possible. Cards can be picked up until 28 December 2018 at Fresh Air Experience, located at 1291 Wellington St W, Ottawa. On [...]

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Nakkertok is looking for Instructors !

Casual Ski and Snowshoe instructor Description The instructor will provide quality ski/snowshoe instruction for groups and individuals in a safe and fun manner.  This is a paid casual instructor position. Job details Responsibilities Upholding the highest levels of guest safety with varying winter weather. Clearly and accurately instructing assigned levels of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. [...]

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New Adult Technique Workshop

Nakkertok is introducing a new program for adults who want to improve their skiing technique. The Adult Technique Workshops are for intermediate to advanced skiers who are comfortable with both skate and classic technique. The series of 7 workshops will focus on specific drills and coaching to improve the participants skiing ability. The workshops will [...]

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Light up the Loop

Nakkertok Nordic started a fundraising campaign to increase the lighting for its snow loop and parking area. Expanding the lighting for the snow loop by 1 km will make night skiing safer, increase the number of possible training locations, and enable more evening programs. Adding lighting to the parking area, which currently doesn’t have any, [...]

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Adult Ski Programs @ Nakkertok

Nakkertok is famous for our young athlete ski programs but we also have lots to offer adults! If you are new to cross country skiing, Nakkertok offers adult learn-to-ski classes on Saturday mornings and afternoons, and Sunday afternoons. These ski classes are ideal for anyone new to the sport of cross country skiing. The main [...]

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Gift Idea: 100 Years of Cross-Country Skiing in Gatineau Park

Looking for a great Christmas Present for a skier? Consider the book "The Trail Beckons: 100 Years of Cross-Country Skiing in Gatineau Park" by Malcolm Hunter. Did you know in the 1920's one thousand people a weekend day would travel by train from downtown Ottawa to ski in the Gatineau Park, and then ski back [...]

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2018 Adventure Fall Fun Run… Sunday Nov 4!!

Come out and play at Nakkertok at the Adventure program Fall Fun Run, THIS WEEKEND!  It's a great way to get to know the club, burn off Halloween candy, and get some fresh air. Register as a family ($50), or as individuals ($10 -$15) and choose from a variety of courses.  For more information please [...]

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Raffle Tickets on sale, Oct 27th at Nakkertok!

Please consider supporting the Nakkertok Racing kids!  The Midget program is doing an exchange with BlackJack Ski Club this year and the raffle tickets are a fundraising item in support of this trip.  Tickets are $3 for 1 or 4 tickets for $10 For more details / prize info:  Nakkertok Nordic 2018 - Raffle Prizes  

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