Nakkertok’s early season artificial snow loop continues to be an important asset for our membership, our racing program athletes and the large Ottawa-Gatineau cross country ski community. Last fall, the Nakkertrak provided much needed respite from COVID and resulted in over 5000 individual visits! This year, the Nakkertrak will host the Candy Cane Cup on December 11 and 12, an Eastern Canada Cup event and an important step for athletes on their journey to the National team and Olympics.

This valuable club asset requires significant resources and is managed by a mix of paid staff and volunteers. The expenses of the Nakkertrak are offset by user fees. For 2021, the Nakkertrak will have controlled access and skiers are required to purchase a day pass, family pass or season pass. All funds generated are directly reinvested into the costs and maintenance of the Nakkertrak.

2021 Rates for Nakkertok members:  Non-member:
Day pass:             $4.50                            $20
Family pass:        $18.00                          $40
Season pass:        $70                             not available

Information on the Nakkertrak conditions, schedules and rules of use:
To purchase a season pass or day pass:

Carbon offsets will be purchased to offset our diesel fuel use.