Bring your dog out to enjoy a ski on Nakkertok’s dog friendly trail –  the ‘Pooch Loop’.  Thanks to local landowners we finally have a professionally groomed trail in the Ottawa-Gatineau area where dogs are welcome.  The trail is located in the field adjacent to Johannsenhus with access via the Bradford Bunker Parking lot.

Happy Dog-skiing!

Dave Adams and Paul Pageau

Rules of the Pooch Loop:

  1. No dogs will be allowed during the LTS (Learn to Ski) sessions.  The reason is that they often use the section of field just adjacent to J-House.  The times of LTS are Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon.  Due to a concern of dogs and kids, we have to be considerate of our smallest members.   Since a large number of LTS members will be using the field in close proximity to the dog trail, we have to avoid the risk of conflict.
  2. Please avoid letting dogs run on the trail when freshly groomed.  Please use good judgement – paw prints can adversely effect the soft snow of freshly groomed trails.  When the track is hard, then it simply lasts longer.   We simply ask for you to wait for the track to set and harden a bit.
  3. Parking must be in the lower parking section; also known as the Bradford Bunker Parking Lot.  Access to the trails is from this parking lot.
  4. Dogs must be on leash as dogs who run freely frighten the farm animals nearby. Skijoring is welcome.
  5. Non members please deposit trail fee at the main chalet prior to skiing.