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Nakkertok has a number of rental cabins. They are set back into the woods and kept deliberately simple – built by volunteers, heated by wood, and, with the exception of Johannsenhus, lit by candles and lanterns.

Nakkertok South

The OWL Cabin was built by the Van Wijks, Greg Joy, Gilles Berube, and several others, in November 2003. Ideally situated with a view over the Weber Pond towards the setting sun in the west. The OWL Cabin is almost entirely built from recycled materials recovered from a building project at OWL Rafting. It is just over a kilometer away from the Main Parking area, and is a perfect lunch destination or can be reserved for overnight use.

Johannsenhus, in the field to the left as you drive up to the stadium, used to be our main clubhouse, built entirely by club volunteers. It was named (with his daughter’s permission) after Herman “Jackrabbit” Johannsen, who played a major role in establishing cross-country skiing in Canada and who died in 1987 aged 110! This Chalet is ideal for group evening or overnight use.

Nakkertok Val des Monts

Chalet Holloway (The main chalet) in Val-des-Monts can be rented for dinner or evening use of a large group (up to 30 people) but is not suitable for an overnight stay.  Those wishing to reserve the Chalet Holloway need to contact the club administrator at .  There is another cabin located at the Val-Des-Monts location, approximately 300m from the start of the trail system – Refuge Ostrum, which is also available for day use.  Please note that there is no running water or electricity for these cabins.

The cabins are open to all members during the day. The first person to ski in and use the cabin is expected to light the fires. Please note that firewood is expensive and must be reserved for indoor use, not campfires. The cabins are located several hundred meters in from the parking lot, which is right next to Highway 366.

Please consult the rental agreement below and then click on the links to go to the appropriate Rental pages on Zone4.

New Cabin Rental Agreement 2017-10

Entente de location cabine Nakkertok