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Ski4Life is a dryland training and ski program for adults (18+) who are interested in keeping with the theme of Sports Canada’s program ‘Fit for Life’. The general focus of the program is to develop a greater physical literacy in xc skiing. The program has a three-fold objective:

  1. increase physical fitness;
  2. develop better ski technique in both classic and free (skate) skiing;
  3. have some fun in participating in group skies and/or competing together in a few local Loppets.

The emphasis of the program is not on competition. (If race competition is your specific goal then XC Chelsea Masters is a more appropriate direction.) However, the program is not for beginning skiers (there is the Learn-to-ski program for that group) but for novice and intermediate skiers and with advanced skiers who would like to ski with a group.

The program will consist of a dryland training component and an on-snow component. A participant has the options of joining in both components of the program or just the on-snow component. The dryland component will begin in September on Tuesday evenings.

As an example of the dryland training, there will be a combination of stretching and strength training, pole walking and hill bounding, and trail running. For the on-snow part of the training, the same evening format will exist but with another training session added on Saturday morning. These evening on-snow sessions will emphasize ski technique enhancement both for classic and skating. While the Saturday morning session will be of a more ad hoc nature with sessions consisting of long slow ski, tag team intervals or sit and talk and drink coffee! The choice of activity for a Saturday session will be a democratic process made by the group. The dryland program begin in late September. There is a minimum requirement of 15 participants for the program to go along but this has not proved to be a barrier so far.

Meet-Up Times and Locations

The Tuesday sessions will be at Mooney’s Bay from 6:00PM to 7:30PM during the dryland phase. Once the on-snow portion starts, the Tuesday sessions will move to Nakkertok South from 6:30PM to 8:00PM and the Saturday morning sessions will be at Nakkertok South from 9AM to 11AM. The on-snow portion of the program will likely run from just after the Holidays to mid-March but that will obviously depend on snow cover.

See you this fall!