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Ski4Life is a dryland training and ski program for adults (18+) who are interested in keeping with the theme of Sports Canada’s program ‘Fit for Life’. The general focus of the program is to develop a greater physical literacy in xc skiing. The program has a three-fold objective:

  1. increase physical fitness;
  2. develop better ski technique in both classic and free (skate) skiing;
  3. have some fun in participating in group skies and/or competing together in a few local Loppets.

The emphasis of the program is not on competition. (If race competition is your specific goal then XC Chelsea Masters is a more appropriate direction.) However, the program is not for beginning skiers (there is the Learn-to-ski program for that group) but for novice and intermediate skiers and with advanced skiers who would like to ski with a group.

The program will consist of a dryland training component and an on-snow component. A participant has the options of joining in both components of the program or just the on-snow component.  The dryland component will begin in the later part of September. This year there will be training sessions on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings for both dryland and the on-snow portion.

As an example of the dryland training, there will be a combination of stretching and strength training, pole walking and hill bounding, and trail running. For the on-snow part of the training, the same evening format will exist. These evening on-snow sessions will emphasize ski technique enhancement both for classic and skating.  There is the possibility for Saturday morning sessions during the winter period, but this will be of a more ad hoc nature with sessions consisting of long slow ski, tag team intervals or sit and talk and drink coffee! The choice of activity for a Saturday session will be a democratic process made by the group.  There is a minimum requirement of 15 participants for the program to proceed but this has not proved to be a barrier so far.

Meet-Up Times and Locations

The Tuesday/Wednesday evening sessions will be at Mooney’s Bay from 6:00PM to 7:30PM during the dryland phase. Once the on-snow portion starts, the Tuesday/Wednesday sessions will move to Nakkertok South from 6:30PM to 8:00PM.  If Saturday morning sessions are scheduled, they will be at Nakkertok South from 9AM to 11AM. The on-snow portion of the program will likely run from the start of the New Year to mid-March but that will obviously depend on snow cover.

See you this fall!