The Adventure Program is designed specifically for skiers between the ages of 9 and 18 who want to develop their fitness, ski skills and have a variety of outdoor fun experiences. Participants will be exposed to new ski environments, including backcountry touring, ski orienteering, telemark and biathlon, as well as the continued development of classic as well as skate techniques.

The program will also introduce skiers to wilderness travel safety, orienteering, camping and leadership in order to foster a love of skiing and development of outdoor skills. Athletes are encouraged to set personal fitness goals and strive to achieve them through skiing and other activities. Please note that due to COVID-19, the activities will be modified to ensure everyone’s safety.

Training schedule:  Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons from September to the end of March. Occasional events outside these periods (see examples below).This year’s season will start on September 19.

Level of ability: It is recommended that participants have basic skiing and skating skills equivalent to the Level 3 Jackrabbit program.

Equipment: All participants require both classic and skate equipment, in particular classic and skate poles. Combi boots should be sufficient. Additionally, participants will require hiking shoes (or a solid runner), and a backpack to carry extra dry clothes, snacks and water.

Program Details: All athletes progress through 3 levels: Fisher, Wapoo, and Leader, according to their age and ability.  The program encourages participation in a wide range of events including the Fall Adventure Race; Hiking; Fall Fun Run; Fall and Winter Camping, Cookie Race, Weber Loppet, the Canadian Ski Marathon; the Cookie Beiner Tour; and the Leaders Canoe Trip. 

Training is provided by certified volunteer coaches: We are seeking coaches! Please contact us if you are interested (email below). New coaches receive training and mentoring. Dryland training includes exercises/games, hiking and orienteering. On-snow training includes exercises/games, classic, and skate skiing.

Contributions to the programParents contribute significantly to the activities of the season, in addition to contributing to the club. There is an expectation that ALL families contribute to assist the coaches to ensure we can run the program in a safe manner. We will be assigning volunteer tasks to all families. An information session will take place before the start of the season to explain the approach and answer questions. Please note that there are volunteer tasks that don’t require an ability to ski.

Training times:

  • Sundays from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM for dryland and on-snow sessions
  • Wednesdays from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM for dryland training at Hog’s Back Park
  • Wednesdays from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM for training on-snow at Nakkertok South 

For questions or more information, please contact

Nakkertok Adventure Program Seasonal Plan

Below are examples of the fun activities that we include in the Adventure Program!

September Sessions  

  • Training/Games/Get to know the teams!
  • Canoe over canoe rescue
  • Lusk Caving
  • Gatineau Park Hike


  • Intro to Biathlon Session
  • Training and Games
  • Trail workdays
  • Orienteering Intro
  • Capture Heartbreak Hill (Nakkertok North) / Backcountry Safety Clinic
  • Fall Camping Weekend (Nakkertok South)
  • Halloween Amazing Games and Relay Races


  • FALL FUN RUN (Nakkertok South)
  • Fitness and balance testing
  • Yoga, Nutrition, Hip Hop
  • Hills, agility, balance, upper body
  • Gatineau Park traverse Hike (Luskville to P19)
  • Re-Capture Heartbreak Hill (Part II)
  • Ski and waxing clinic
  • Poker Derby (Nakkertok North)


  • On-snow training: skate and classic clinics and skis
  • Friday or Saturday night potluck movie / ski-over / Gift Exchange
  • Boxing Day Burn-off
  • Night ski P10 to Keogan


  • Family Ski Day – Scavenger Hunt
  • Biathlon on snow (pending availability)
  • Optional Saturday skis, e.g. Lac Lundy to Nakkertok South ∙
  • Long skis, skate and classic
  • Classic ski technique & night tour
  • Skate technique and hills


  • Ski Nakk N to S (Webber Loppet)
  • Great Canadian Ski Marathon
  • Ice Skate and Beavertails (Rideau Canal)
  • Gatineau Loppet 10k skate event
  • Skate Ski Olympics


  • Winter Camp and Classic Ski Tour / orienteering (Nakkertok North)
  • More skate games
  • Spring Trip – Papineau Labelle
  • T-shirt Ski
  • Clip’n Climb (Altitude Gym)
  • End of Season Potluck – archery, slackline, relays
  • For the love of skiing… keep on skiing until the snow’s gone!