Dear Nakkertok Trail Keeners,

We have a big weekend planned at Nakkertok this coming Saturday and Sunday!
We are renting a wood chipper to clean up all the slash piles in the parking lot and out on the trails.  It is physical and enduring work. Many hands are required.
It is non technical work and you don’t even have to get close to the chipper (aka “the monster”) if you don’t want to because there are lots of branches out on the trails that still need to be pulled.
But it would also be nice to have a few brave souls to responsibly feed branches into the feeders.  Honestly, it is not too scary.
Lets make good use of this rental and get maximum benefit for the short time that we have it..  Consider volunteering for a couple of hours at any point in the weekend.  It will be easy to find us, just listen for the groans of the beast!  Most likely it will be in the parking lot, somewhere.
It would be nice if you brought your own ear defenders but we can probably supply as well.
Secondly, believe it or not, we are actually out of firewood.  We need motor heads to run chain saws and fit people to swing axes.  Please report to the wood lot just adjacent to the stadium or head up to OWL cabin and get started on the wood pile up there.
And finally, we still have lots of brushing to do.  We want to get all our club brushers out in full force.  Please focus on the race trails and then just work out to secondary trails from there.  Once again, if you are a motor head and love the smell of 2-stroke, this job is for you.
So there is lots to do.  If you own a chainsaw yourself, then you are already a trail star and bring it along.

Please see Dave Adams at  or Jeff Pouw at