The Board of Directors of Nakkertok is seeking this year’s nominations for three types of volunteer awards that are to be presented on Saturday, April 29th at the 2017 Spring Members’ Meeting at Nakkertok South.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Nakkertok. In fact, Nakkertok members provide over 2,000 days of volunteer time to Nakkertok every year to build and maintain our trails and facilities at Nakkertok North and South, coach and organize our programs (e.g., Learn to Ski, Adventure, Racing), organize and run our events (e.g., Easterns, Cookie Race, Thea’s Race) and support core infrastructure functions in areas like communications, fundraising and governance. The Nakkertok Board thanks all Nakkertok members for their support.

We would like to especially honour those Nakkertok members with outstanding contributions to our club in the following categories: Volunteer(s) of the Year – Individuals who, through their significant contribution of time and effort, have helped ensure that the 2016 / 2017 Nakkertok season has been a successful one. New Volunteer(s) of the Year – First-year members of Nakkertok who have quickly adopted Nakkertok’s spirit of volunteerism and have made a significant contribution to the success of the club in their first year as members. Golden Toque(s) – Long-time members of Nakkertok whose volunteer efforts over a decade or more have played a significant role in making the club the success that it is today.

Last year’s winners were:

* Volunteers of the Year: Benjamin Campin, Anton Scheier and Corina Zechel

* New Volunteer of the Year: Susan Kim

* Golden Toque: Etienne Grall and Grant Williams

Please send your nomination by April 15th to the Board via