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Gift Idea: 100 Years of Cross-Country Skiing in Gatineau Park

Looking for a great Christmas Present for a skier? Consider the book "The Trail Beckons: 100 Years of Cross-Country Skiing in Gatineau Park" by Malcolm Hunter. Did you know in the 1920's one thousand people a weekend day would travel by train from downtown Ottawa to ski in the Gatineau Park, and then ski back [...]

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Parents – Volunteer Duties

Volunteers are what make Nakkertok great. Remember that your kids benefit from all the hard work that goes into making the LTS program what it is. Please help out in any way you can! If you are interested in filling any of the roles below contact the Learn-To-Ski Director. Learn-to-Ski Director (Head of Hares) Day Coordinators [...]

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Parents – Responsibilities

Support and foster a positive experience, working together with coaches (most of whom are parents, and all volunteers) Let coaches know if an athlete has any relevant allergies or medical conditions Remember that all classes begin on time so that athletes don’t get bored or cold waiting around All personal equipment should be labelled, and athletes should [...]

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Coaches – Lesson Plans

The Coaching Association of Canada has a great tutorial to build a lesson (or practice) plan with a four-step process: Prepare, Plan, Deliver, and Conclude. We will be updating all our lesson plans to use their template. Mud Monsters (Dryland) Explanation and progressions of dryland techniques (this is a work in progress). Coming soon! [...]

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Coaches – Bunnyrabbit and Jackrabbit Games

Here is a list of games that can be played on skis and will help to develop ski skills.  Give them a try with your group. Bunnyrabbit Games Bubble Run Bring a big container of Bubble Soap mix and wands for the coaches. Then let clouds of bubbles fly and have the kids chase [...]

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Coaches – Levels and Evaluations

The following information and resources are for onsnow lessons only. These skill development programs are based on the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. See the Jackrabbit technique awards for a description of each skill. The videos for FUNdamentals in the Athlete Development Matrix by Cross Country Canada are a must see resource, although [...]

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Coaches’ Development

Our programs need around 100 volunteer coaches each year in order for us to deliver a quality experience to the kids and keep them coming back. Workshops Attend the pre-season coach meeting and workshop  in mid-December to get tips from seasoned coaches across Nakkertok. The meeting includes specific training for our three main coaching groups: Bunnyrabbit [...]

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Coaches’ Responsibilities

All coaches should read the following, although the lead coach will be responsible for creating lesson plans and team communication (the coordinator will ensure the higher-level season is planned and communicated to members, such as themes and events). Some teams prefer to share the responsibility of lead, which is fine provided lesson plans are [...]

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