Nakkertok Event Calendar 2021-2022

Candy Cane Cup ( Eastern Canada Cup #1 NORAM) Dec 11 and 12, 2021 Organized by ENGNE, hosted by Nakkertok Boxing Day Burn Off- Dec 26th, 2021 - pull those costumes out of storage! Hosted by ENERG Weber Loppet - Jan 23 2022- North to South Ski Hosted by the Adventure Program Eastern Canadian Championships [...]

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Nakkertrak 2021

Nakkertok’s early season artificial snow loop continues to be an important asset for our membership, our racing program athletes and the large Ottawa-Gatineau cross country ski community. Last fall, the Nakkertrak provided much needed respite from COVID and resulted in over 5000 individual visits! This year, the Nakkertrak will host the Candy Cane Cup on [...]

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Nakkertok Nordic Fluoro Wax Policy

Nakkertok has enacted a ban on the use of fluorinated ski waxes at our facilities. As of November 8th, 2021, this ban will apply to all glide waxes, with a limited exemption for specific race categories at the Candy Cane Cup and Eastern Canadian Ski Championships being held at Nakkertok this season. Commencing with the [...]

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The Virtual Nakkertok Ski Swap is back! 

We have tried to come up with many different scenarios on how to make the in-person sale possible. Unfortunately, due to changing restrictions and the safety of our members, we have decided to hold the Nakkertok Ski Swap virtually for the months of October and November 2021. This is how. Step 1 - Request to [...]

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Katherine Denis has joined our fulltime coaching staff

We are pleased to announce that Katherine Denis has joined our fulltime coaching staff and will be coaching our ENRG program, (U23) athletes. Originally from Timiskaming, Katherine has raced with the Nakkertok program for 6 years, competing at the NorAm level and representing Canada at the 2019 Winter World University Games in Krasnoyark, Russia as [...]

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Nakkertok is hiring development coaches

We are looking for enthusiastic, skilled cross-country skiers ideally with racing and coaching experience to join the coaching team at Nakkertok in a development role.  In this position, you would assist a coach lead working with U12, U14 or U16 racers at 1 to 3 sessions per week (1.5 to 7 hours per week) developing [...]

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Hall Mark of Excellence Award

Nakkertok is pleased to announce the receipt of a $15,000 “Hall Mark of Excellence Award” to help us hire an additional paid coach for our Race Program this season.  The Award is one of several financial contributions made by Marty and Kathy Hall in the last few years, to further the development of skiing in [...]

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COVID policy

In light of the current public health policies and in consideration of the significant numbers of vulnerable individuals participating in Nakkertok programs the following measures and protocols are hereby adopted by the Nakkertok Ski Club: Anyone 13 years or older registered in or involved with a Nakkertok program for the 2021-22 season must have received [...]

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Fenton Nakkertok bursary program is accepting Fall applications for the 2021-22 season

Nakkertok is currently accepting Fall applications for the Fenton Nakkertok Bursary Program for the 2021-22 season. The bursaries help young athletes participate in the Nakkertok Racing Program and Adventure Program. The bursaries will be awarded to athletes who require financial assistance to offset the cost of participating in the Nakkertok programs. The bursaries are open [...]

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