Early Development

Originally the Ottawa Ski Club covered both Alpine skiing and Nordic skiing.  However, when it became clear that the same facility was less able to support both growing sports, a number of families decided in the early 70s to form a separate Nordic skiing club.  The focus was on creating an enjoyable place for children and adults alike to enjoy the outdoors.  The early years were dedicated to clearing trails, without the aid of heavy mechanical equipment. The graphic below gives you a snapshot in time of the development of Nakkertok from the early days to the present.

The goal from the start was to create a location for competition.  Families would spend weekends clearing bush.  There was a ‘spirit’ of cooperation and friendship around building as a community a place for outdoor enjoyment and skiing.

Some time in the mid-1970’s Meg Weber and Thea Holloway (who was President) of the club became convinced that the future rested on the creation of a long system of trails that stretched north to what is now the location of Nakkertok Val-des-Monts. Some remember the evening meetings when it was decided to spend somewhere around $50,000 to purchase different plots of land between Nakkertok South to Nakkertok Val-des-Monts. This was a substantial sum members were willing to spend with no expectation of financial return.

Members shared a commitment to volunteering their time because of their belief in what the club could contribute to children and growing the sport of cross country skiing.  This volunteering spirit continues and is nurtured to the present day. In part, for this reason, Nakkertok’s membership grew during the 70’s and 80’s.  With more growth came more development for the Club.

A New Millenium

Fast forward to the new millennium.  A very important event in the history of the club was the decision by the Van Wijk family in 2003 to acquire 300 Acres from the Weber family and an additional 50 Acres near the Powerline trail.  This led to major development work with the support of hundreds and hundreds of volunteers to build the stadium and the many important buildings and structures, like Owl Cabin, the Lighted Trails, the Stadium, and countless new trails.  In 2005 the main chalet was built near the parking lot and in 2010, a second barn was raised to house the piston bully and a workshop.  Outdoor toilets, a timing hut and other structures were added.

Nakkertok is 40 years in the making, through a commitment by landowners and countless volunteers.  It takes a lot of volunteer support to run the machinery, buildings and programs of Nakkertok.  Our commitment is toward a community of people who share similar values and a love of the winter outdoors where we strive for excellence in skiing and life.