Due to new COVID-19 public health restrictions from the Ontario and Quebec governments, Nakkertok Nordic has imposed the following rules with immediate effect:

1. Nakkertok South ski facility will remain open daily from 7 am -7 pm. Due to the Provincial curfew, all skiers must finish skiing by 7 pm and leave the site expediently.
2. All programs including racing team practices, adventure programming, learn to ski classes, and private lessons will be placed on hold until February 8, and pending review of the Quebec Government.
3. Virtual programming (videoconferences) and individual training may continue.
4. Skiers must ski by themselves or with individuals from their own household. Skiers may not exercise with members of another household.
5. When skiing, all skiers are asked to maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters from other skiers. Preferably, skiers will maintain a distance of 10 meters from other skiers unless passing.
6. All skiers should perform a COVID-19 self-check prior to arrival and must not ski if they fail the self-check.
7. All skiers must wear masks upon arrival until beginning to ski and must wear masks after stopping until leaving the site.
8. All skiers accessing the Nakkertrak snow loop must continue to book access through the website. The Nakkertrak booking cost is now free for Nakkertok members when they use Shopify member-only discount code.
9. Skiers are asked to not linger or congregate in the stadium before or after their ski and to not leave belongings (water bottles, bags, etc) in the stadium area.
10. Members wanting to ski on trails off the Nakkertak do not need to book a time slot and are encouraged to use a different access point into the trail system.

All programmed training times will be eliminated from the Nakkertrak booking calendar, but in the interest of safety, Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7 am – 11:30 am will remain reserved for faster skiers and 1 pm – 4 pm will remain reserved for family time.

We recognize that physical activity and outdoor opportunities are very important in maintaining physical and mental health during the pandemic.  We request that all members respect current public health restrictions in order to maximize everyone’s safety and comfort.