In light of the current public health policies and in consideration of the significant numbers of vulnerable individuals participating in Nakkertok programs the following measures and protocols are hereby adopted by the Nakkertok Ski Club:

  • Anyone 13 years or older registered in or involved with a Nakkertok program for the 2021-22 season must have received two vaccinations against Covid-19 more than two weeks prior to attending a session. This will include coaches, volunteers and participants. Vaccination policy will be revisited in accordance with public health updates.  This will not apply to those exempt for medical reasons. We encourage all young athletes to become vaccinated as soon as they are eligible.  Note that this only applies to Programs (Racing, Adventure, LTS, Mud Monsters, Ski for Life, etc).  At this time we do not anticipate requiring members or day users who are accessing the trails only to comply with this policy.  Note that Quebec law will require all event volunteers to also be fully vaccinated.
  • Subject to exceptions approved by the Board Executive, all indoor spaces except for the lavatories are currently closed and restricted for emergency purposes.
  • Once on snow activities commence the access to indoor spaces will be restricted to those that have received both vaccines more than two weeks prior to admission. Capacity will be limited to 50% of prior occupancy as posted.
  • Mask wearing continues to adhere to municipal and provincial guidelines and is enforced when indoors or where social distancing cannot be maintained outdoors. For programs, mask wearing will continue to be required for all athletes, coaches and parents while travelling from vehicles to coaching groups (i.e., in parking lots before and after session), and while in the coaching zone. The masking policy will be revisited in advance of the start of LTS programming in January.
  • Individual programs will conduct screening protocols as practicable for each program using provincial guidelines as a minimum and support contact tracing as applicable under the guidance of the Public Health Authorities

The Board will revisit these measures and the Board Executive reserves the right to make changes based on public health information and updated guidelines as they evolve throughout the year.

Program leads will work with members and program participants to validate their vaccination status prior to October 15th.  It is anticipated that this will be a “one time” validation, associated with your membership.

The Board recognizes that the timing of this policy update is not ideal, and that some members may have chosen not to register at Nakkertok had this policy been in place earlier.  This is an evolving public health crisis and our policies will continue to be updated as necessary. We will work with those affected members to issue the appropriate refunds.