Welcome to the Nakkertrak

Nakkertok is privileged to have artificial snow making equipment to allow for extended season skiing on a 3+ km course. Depending on weather conditions portions of the ski loop will be open in late November and ideally be open until April 1st. Nakkertrak is open to Nakkertok members, other ski clubs and individuals who want to get a head start on the ski season.

Map of Nakkertrak trail conditions


Current Status and Conditions: The full Nakkertok trail system is closed.

This video is courtesy of Natural Fitness Labs.

This video is courtesy of Natural Fitness Labs.

Due the unique nature of the Nakkertrak loop we ask all participants to respect and follow the Nakkertrak loop rules.

The ski loop at Nakkertok (Nakkertrak) is intended to extend the overall ski season for skiers in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. In order to maximize the use of Nakkertrak for the benefit of the overall local ski community the Nakkertrak management team has created a schedule that includes blocks of time where the loop can be reserved by ski teams to ensure safety and a quality training environment.

This policy is intended to provide clarity around how time is booked, the limiting factor for the number of skiers on the loop during reserved times, booking confirmation timings and communications regarding loop closure.

Booking time:

1. Check the calendar: The calendar will indicate whether there is still loop availability during group booking times.

2. Contact Loop Booking Manager: Groups can contact to request access. You will need to provide the number of skiers coming and the times you would like to use the loop. Scheduling and availability is based on number of skiers and length of loop using a 10 M/skier guideline. As the loop gets longer more skiers can come to play!!!

3. Confirm Payment method: Groups will pay via invoice at the end of the season or session depending on volume of use. Final invoicing can be discussed at time of booking.

4. Waiting list: if you see that the loop is fully reserved, the booking manager will maintain a waiting list of requests, in case booked time is released or in cases where the loop has grown and can fit more users.

Booking Confirmation:

48 hours in advance of you booking the booking manager will reach out to confirm that you still intend to use the time booked. If you release the time, it will be made available to other users and/or public use depending on whether there is a waiting list for that training time.

Loop Closure

From time to time the Nakkertrak facility manager may close access to the loop. This decision will hopefully be made in evenings, however at the latest it will be made by 8 am during the week and 7 am on weekends. The decision will be posted on the Nakkertrak calendar, and any groups having bookings will be informed directly via e-mail.

Nakkertrak is made possible due to the generous donations of our sponsors.