Nakkertok’s artificial snow loop is at Nakkertok South – 900 Avenue Gatineau, Gatineau, QC.

Nakkertok is privileged to have artificial snow-making equipment to extend the ski season. Depending on the weather the ski loop will open in mid-late November until April 1st. We are excited to enter season eight of operations.

Trail Conditions

Trail Difficulty

    • Please only ski on trail sections suited for your ability.

Schedule and hours of operation

Please note: the weekend schedule has changed for Jan 6 & 7 2024.

Note that certain times are limited to certain skill levels, such as high-performance training, and may be restricted for specific groups. Check before you plan your ski!

Descriptions of group times in the schedule are:

    • Open time = All ages/all abilities

    • Restricted time = Only for a specified group

    • Family time = recommended for new and younger skiers. No fast skiing!

    • High Performance Time = only for skiers who are training as XC ski racers


Book a spot on the Nakkertrak

    1. Nakkertrak “Season passes” are available now for Nakkertok members, during non restricted times. The price rises to $90 from $60 on Nov. 20.
    2. Reserve a date for your ski (check the schedule for availability). You will need your proof of purchase to access the Nakkertrak. Please be prepared to show your electronic or printed receipt on site for trail access.

Nakkertrak 2023/24 fees

Important: Nakkertok members must use the discount code to pay the member rate for the Nakkertrak. Email for the code.

Pass/Price Nakkertok members Non-members
Individual Day pass $5 $25
Family Day pass $20 $50
Season pass
(During non-
restricted times.)
$90 ($60 before Nov. 20) not available


    • Ski Club, group day use discounts available.

What do I need to enter the Nakkertrak?

    1. Book your day pass and bring your proof of purchase on that day to the entrance.
    2. Review the Nakkertok Skier Responsibility Code
    3. Review the Nakkertrak Rules.
    4. Entry to the Nakkertrak is restricted to tunnel access only. The tunnel is for entry and exit only.
    5. Enjoy your ski!

In 2022 we added 2 new snow guns and a compressor upgrade to make more snow earlier. This is thanks to Hall Mark of Excellence funding.