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The Nakkertok Fun Run is the zaniest forest adventure of the season! Multi-age teams use map-reading skills to navigate the trails of Nakkertok in search of orienteering flags. Along the way teams are presented with fun challenges like balancing on a slack line, mental challenges and team work challenges.

Teams can choose to complete the 30-minute course, 1-hour course or 2-hour course. Points are awarded for each flag found, but deducted for getting back past the time limit! Participants make their own teams of 4. Smaller teams are permitted but all teams must complete the same number of obstacles.

There is a special course for Mud Monsters and other young athletes with more densely placed flags and age appropriate challenges.


  • Anyone aged 4 and up. Registration is capped at 200.
    • Registration is online at Zone4 
    • Registration deadline is 10:00 pm on Friday Nov 2nd (**note new date)
    • Race-day registration is not possible.
    • Although members race as a team (which could have a mix of age and gender), each person registers individually.
  • COSTS?
    • Ages 8 and under (birth year 2010 and later): $10
    • Ages 9 and up (birth year 2009 and earlier): $15
    • Maximum per family is $50. If you are registering a family of 4 or more, please check that option off below. If you are registering individuals, please pick the other option below and continue on to individual registrations.
    • Arrival: Make sure you arrive by 12:00 p.m. to sign in.
    • Bring: A watch, appropriate clothing and footwear for running, a compass and a whistle. Also bring a cup, a bowl and a spoon for post-race refreshments.


    A challenge for all ages; post-race refreshments; and a great ADVENTURE!



12:00 pm Arrival. Sign in. Distribution of control sheets.
1:00 – 1:45 pm Start (wave starts between 1:00 and 1:45 pm.
2:00 – 3:00 Participants finish and hand in their punched control cards. Drinks and hot snacks provided.
4:00 (approx.) Awards will be given once all the teams are in and points are tallied.


The Fall Fun Run is brought to you by Nakkertok’s Adventure Program

Nakkertok’s Adventure Program is for skiers 9 to 18 years of age who are keen to develop their skiing fitness through exposure to new ski environments (skiing a marathon, backcountry touring, ski orienteering, telemarking), while continuing to improve their classic and skate technique. The program also introduces skiers to backcountry safety and winter camping. Participants are encouraged to set personal fitness goals and strive to achieve or exceed them.