Can non-members ski at Nakkertok?

Yes. However, unless they are signed up for a Club event, Adult non-members using our trails pay a day fee, as listed on our Fees page. Payment by cash or cheque should be made payable to Nakkertok Ski Club.  Please sign in to the guest registry (to comply with the club’s insurance coverage) and [...]

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Can I bring my dog?

Generally speaking, no, as dogs can destroy the tracking on the ski trails and endanger other skiers. However, dog owners can use our new Pooch Path to enjoy skiing with their favorite pet. Consult this page for more information.

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What do I do in an emergency?

An Emergency Action Plan, posted on the window of the patrol shack, gives info on how to deal with injured and lost people.  We’ll be posting more emergency information on the website soon.

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What do I need to know about race days?

Races provide a large portion of the club revenues, but they can turn the club a bit topsy turvy two or three times a year.  Check the website for a list of events. There are always empty trails available at Nakk North when races take place at South. You are welcome to come and [...]

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Can I climb on the Pisten Bully?

No, please! The Pisten Bully is very happy in its new warm home in the Barn. It has been working much better, and it is much easier to make repairs and do regular maintenance. We please ask that you not climb up or in it. However, if you want a Bully ride, you are [...]

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Is my stuff safe in my car?

In the last year we have had some problems with theft from the parking lots. While it is no where near the level experienced in Gatineau Park, members are advised not to leave valuables in the car while skiing.

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Are there bears at or near Nakkertok?

There have been a few bear sitings in Cantley,  so you should take precautions. We strongly suggest you take a look at this black bear FAQ (from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department – couldn’t find one as good in Ontario) for more information.

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