Who owns the rest of the land at Nakkertok South?

In 2003 the Weber Family sold 300 acres of their property to the Van Wijks to ensure that Nakkertok would continue to have a place to ski. The Van Wijk’s also were able to purchase the 50 acre property where the current parking, stadium and the barn are located.

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Who owns the land at Nakkertok Val-des-Monts?

The majority of the network at North is owned by the municipality of Val-des-Monts. The remaining trails are on land owned by a number of corporate and individual land owners who have given permission to the Club to ski on their property.

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What is involved in trail clearing?

Trail clearing is a fun way to get out on a crisp fall day and work with like-minded individuals in the bush. It is something our teen racers and older preteens can enjoy. Experienced chain saw and brush cutter operators are always welcome but so are members who can wield a lopper and handsaw, [...]

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Is there a Lost and Found area?

Inexpensive items left in or near the cabins or Ski Barn will usually be found in a box in the closest building.  More expensive items may have been taken home by a member for safe-keeping.

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