Can I get Gear and Wax advice?

The Guides below were originally designed for the parents of Learn-to-ski and Racing program participants but can be a good primer for anyone starting off in cross-country skiing, or looking to further their knowledge. They’re a good read and will help make your skiing experience a lot more enjoyable! Download PDF [...]

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What do I need to know about skiing at night at Nakk South?

The “Upper Lights,” including the Stadium, Charon Jct., and Plateau, and the “Lower Lights” down by J’Hus and the Weber Farm are all now on timers and will come on automatically at 6:00 pm and turn off at 10:00 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Please do not change any settings or breakers in [...]

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Anything I should know about ski etiquette?

The rules are much the same as elsewhere: Slow skiers stay to the right and allow faster skiers to pass on the left. Downhill skiers should be given the right of way. Many of the trails at Nakkertok are narrow, so please be aware of other skiers when skiing with friends or family. A [...]

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What do I need to know about the driveway and parking?

Members are reminded that drivers coming down the driveway into Nakkertok and ascending the hills have right of way.  Please be careful – shoulders may be soft and icy. On weekend days, members are asked to back into the parking spots to make things easier when departing. Also, on these busy LTS days, the [...]

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