The Fenton-Nakkertok Bursary program provides financial assistance to young athletes to participate in the Nakkertok Racing Program or the Adventure Program up to the U18 level. 

They are awarded to athletes who require financial assistance to offset the cost of participating in the Nakkertok programs. 

The bursary will be $500 yearly for athletes in the Adventure Program or the U10/U12 Racing Program. For U14-U18 racing athletes, the amount will be $1000.

To apply, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name of athlete
  • Year of Birth
  • Program level
  • Household income
  • Number of children enrolled in ski programs

Bursary applications are closed for year-round programs but still available for Fall/Winter programs. Deadline is  August 31st. 

A committee will review all bursary requests and inform recipients as early as possible. All applications and awards are confidential to the review committee chair and the Nakkertok treasurer. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of funds, not all requests may be fulfilled.

Nakkertok would like to thank Bill Fenton for making this bursary program possible. Bill’s goal is to encourage more children to participate in cross-country skiing.