Andrew IbeyHow long have you been with Nakkertok / Ski Patrol?

I’ve been a member of Nakkertok for 6 years since moving to Ottawa. I have been with the Nakkertok Ski Patrol for 3 years.

Why did you join Ski Patrol?

My kids are in the programs and I wanted to help the club in a different way than the typical jobs.

Why do you keep coming back to Ski Patrol?

I enjoy the high level of training, I love gear, and like minded people. We broaden our training beyond injuries and learn about long term cold exposure and survival skills too!

What’s something cool about Cross Country patrol?

We get trained to drive snow vehicles! 😎

Any unique patrolling stories?

I was called to ‘rescue’ a brand new iPhone that fell in the outhouses… I wasn’t successful. 

Any advice for parents considering joining?

We would welcome you to join as an “assistant patroller” for a morning or afternoon. No training require. If the recruit course seems intimidating, we can walk you through it. Come talk to us!