How long have you been with Nakkertok and Nakkertok Ski Patrol?

  • About three decades (our kids started as ‘Bunny Rabbits’, then progressed to Nakkertok’s racing program and ski marathoning). I have been with the Canadian Ski Patrol for 18 years.

Why did you join the CSP?

  • My wife (Jenifer, also a patroller) and I do a lot of remote wilderness travel. The advanced first aid skills training has come in handy!
  • Nakkertok has evolved over the past decades. The number of skiers and racers has greatly increased. Back in the 1990s, it was difficult to find qualified first aiders for races. The Canadian Ski Patrol provided both the training and a large pool of individuals who could give safety support for races, special events and LTS programs.

Why keep coming back?

  • The first aid needs at Nakkertok continue to grow, but I stay because the patrollers are fun and the ski community (whether kids in the LTS; athletes from across the country; ski parents…) is so enjoyable.
  • I look forward to more parents joining our team since we need to do better at recruiting from within the Club. The Canadian Ski Patrol provides a nationally recognized advanced first aid training program.

What is unique about nordic patrolling?

  • Skiing the beautiful and peaceful trails at Nakkertok! Fortunately, we get far fewer injuries than Alpine ski areas, like Camp Fortune – so more skiing!

Any unique stories about patrolling?

  • For years I made, by hand, the tassels on our nordic ski tuques. It earned me the title ‘tassel meister’!

Any advice for parents considering joining the patrol?

  • Nakkertok Ski Patrol needs you!
  • Yes, there’s a time investment in training, but chances are you’ll use the skills in your other pursuits.
  • The best way to get the most out of Nakkertok is to volunteer. It’s the old – ‘The more you give – the more you’ll get out of our great club’
  • Most of our best friends are Nakkertok members and I have fond memories of raising my family at this Club!
  • If interested, there are spring and fall courses (starting April 25 and August 27 this year).