Nakkertok is pleased to announce the newly named Nakkertrak Ski Loop is open for the season. The cold temperatures of the past week has allowed Nakkertok trails team to make enough snow for early season skiing.

The Nakkertrak Ski Loop is open to all Nakkertok members and other cross-country skiers who want to take advantage of early season skiing. Specific times during the weekday evenings and weekend mornings are restricted to group bookings. Nakkertok members have access to Nakkertrak as part of their membership. Other skiers will be asked to purchase a day use pass. Details about the hours of operation, day use passes and current conditions are available at


Nakkertrak Naming Competition

The Nakkertrak name was the result of a community naming contest. A total of 146 votes were cast and Nakkertrak garnered 126 votes, including 66 first place and 42 second place votes.  The two winners that suggested the Nakkertrak name are Joan Post and Luca Custic.

Joan’s reasoning for the name was:

I submitted the name Nakkertrak as I thought it captured the essence of what was being created – a track of snow for skiers, often racers, to get some early season workouts in.  It felt like a playful, catchy name that rolls off the tongue easily.  The non-standard spelling of trak compliments the word Nakkertok and, together, enhances the club brand!

Luca’s reason for the name was:

When I thought of “Nakkertrack”, these things ran through my mind: Racing, speed, and fast skiers going around a track. Then I changed it to “Nakkertrak” to make it more universal and easy to pronounce. That is how I came up with the name “Nakkertrak”.”
Thank you to Luca and Joan for the great suggestion. Thanks to everyone that suggested names and voted in the competition.
Now it is time to enjoy skiing in November!