Nakkertok is pleased to announce the receipt of a $15,000 “Hall Mark of Excellence Award” to help us hire an additional paid coach for our Race Program this season.  The Award is one of several financial contributions made by Marty and Kathy Hall in the last few years, to further the development of skiing in North America. They had previously pledged significant $18,000 of prize money for last season’s National Championships and Candy Cane Cup that were unfortunately cancelled. 

Marty has been an influential figure in the development of our sport in the U.S. and Canada since the late 60’s. He was the first paid National Team coach for the US in 1967 and was the US coach when Bill Koch won North America’s first Olympic medal silver in 1976. In 1981 Marty moved north and took over the Canadian Team program where he served as Head Coach until 1989 and then National Team Director until 1992. His next project was course design for the 1995 World Championships in Thunder Bay. 

Marty has always been and continues to be an innovator in all areas of our sport looking to apply and develop it in the areas of sport science, course design, officials and coach certification and waxing. He has also had significant involvement at developing the sport at the domestic level.   

Marty and Kathy have been married for over 50 years and Kathy is an important partner in the “A Hall Mark of Excellence Fund”. They are joint U.S. and Canadian citizens and after living in Vancouver and Alymer for many years, Kathy and Marty have returned to their home country and are presently residing in New Hampshire. To learn more about Marty’s remarkable contribution to the development of cross-country skiing in North America, please view this video created for Marty’s Nomination to the U.S. Ski Hall of Fame

Marty is also a member of the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame. 

We encourage you to join Marty and Kathy in supporting Nakkertok programs and help building our STARS of the future!