Chute Charron getting a facelift

Chute Charron getting some gravel love. Don’t worry it will still be steep.

New storage shed and podium. Almost done

New storage shed and podium. Almost done

Dumping Gravel near Montee McCarthy

Dumping Gravel near Montée McCarthy. Will mean more opportunities to ski up this incline. Can’t wait.

The Nakkertok trails team — in part supported by our fundraising campaign — has been busy this fall making major improvements to the club’s trails, namely:

  • smoothing, grading, ditching, new culverts, and banking of Chute Charon, Dirk’s Dive, Renegade, several sections of Weber Trail, Avenue Charrete, Morrall Loop and Trail #4
  • A new storage hut to replace the LTS Storage and former timing hut. The new hut’s front deck will do double duty as the podium location for race events
  • Fibre Optic internet access is so close we can taste it. Although it tastes mostly like the dirt from culverts, currently. The cables have been laid to all buildings on site.

But you don’t have to be an operating engineer to help improve our trails. Please contact if you can help with cutting firewood, cleaning cabins, chipping branches, installing and testing lights, raking and brushing.