The ENRG team includes U20 and older athletes. This team is unique in the sense that it is very inclusive attracting both athletes with aspirations to become members ofthe National Ski Team along with athletes who wish to remain competitive nordic ski racers at a varsity or local level. While this diversity may be perceived as a challenge to manage, it mirrors one of the key values of the Nakkertok Racing Program (NRP), inclusiveness, within the Nakkertok Nordic ski community.

This diversity requires dedicated coaching attention to ensure that the athletes receive the support required to achieve their individual and team goals.

  • Reports to Chair – Nakkertok Racing Program
  • Works with U18 program lead coach, U14/U16 program lead coach, U12/U10 program lead coach
  • Has a G class driver’s license
  • Is working towards L2C Competition Development or CD training/certified
  • Adheres to all Nakkertok Racing Program norms (values/principals) of operation and strategic plan

The direct roles for this coach include (but are not limited to):

  • Establish a team Yearly Training Plan and an individual plan for each athlete.
  • Provide weekly training plans for the athletes to build towards their goals.  The training plans are to be appropriate for their level of competition.
  • Plan training camps for the ENRG team
  • Plan a winter season of competition for the ENRG team and each athlete based on the team and individual goals
  • Coordinate with ENRG athletes’ other teams (university, provincial, national) and opportunities.
    • Some of these are commitments they must uphold (provincial camps, NST camps, education sessions etc.)
    • Some of these are to optimize their training plan
      1. Seek out supplemental opportunities for athletes to grow from
      2. Ski with faster athletes
  • Assessment and testing plans with the athletes.
  • Assist the athletes in assessing their athletic profile and gap analyses.
  • Coordinate with the U18 coach to facilitate combined training sessions.
  • Ensure that the ENRG team is sustainable through athlete recruitment and program promotion.
  • Ensure that ENRG, as a team, contributes to the Nakkertok Racing program, the Nakkertok community and the local community through give-back efforts.

Nakkertok Racing Program Duties 

  • Act as the program liaison with the Provincial Sport Organizations (Ontario – XCSO and Quebec – SFQ) and the National Sport Organizations (Nordiq Canada) on all topics related to ski racer development and high-performance races.  Frequent communication with all organizations will be required
  • Be the conduit for all National or High-Performance level information at the Race Committee as well as to the other Nakkertok coaches.
  • Act as the Club liaison for Provincial and National Ski Teams. This would include any U20+, U20 and identified U16 and U18 athletes by either of these teams. Liaising with the Nakkertok coaches responsible for these athletes is vital to ensuring that the programming and coordination necessary is seamless.
  • Provide training and mentorship sessions for the Nakkertok paid and volunteer coaches as directed by the Director Nakkertok Racing Program athlete and staff development
  • Lead Coach for the Integrated Support Team (IST) services, coordinating with the IST lead and/or the necessary IST practitioners.
  • Act as the Nakkertok Racing Program Equipment Manager to ensure all High Performance (HP) equipment needs and the needs of the Nakkertok Racing Program are met.
  • Co-ordinate the Nakkertok Racing Program Race Service (ski preparation, training, inventory of materials and supplies, knowledge transfer, etc.) for the season. 

ENRG Program Development 

  • Be instrumental in establishing and help oversee an ENRG working group, which will fundraise, plan/coordinate trips and provide athlete support.