Nakkertok Nordic started a fundraising campaign to increase the lighting for its snow loop and parking area. Expanding the lighting for the snow loop by 1 km will make night skiing safer, increase the number of possible training locations, and enable more evening programs. Adding lighting to the parking area, which currently doesn’t have any, will improve safety and visibility for all pedestrians and vehicles.

The campaign aims to raise $10,000 for 10 LED-based light poles: 7-8 for the snow loop and 2-3 for the parking area. Contributors who donate over $50 will be recognized on signs on the light poles. Recognition varies depending on the level of contribution. The sponsorship levels are Bronze ($50), Silver ($250), Gold ($500), and Platinum ($1000).

Donations over $50 are tax deductible and payable by cheque or credit card to Cross Country Canada. To download the donation form, click Cross Country Ski de fond Canada or Formulaire De Don. Do not mail your donation to Cross Country Ski de fond Canada. Please submit the form and donation in a sealed envelope to a Nakkertok program representative. Include your contact information and donation amount on the envelope.

Program representatives are Mike Stratford (LTS), Stephanie Edwards (Mini Racing Rabbits), Heather Erven (Adventure Program), Jolanta Scott-Parker (Racing Rabbits), Detlef Hess (Midgets), Pia Thomas (Juveniles), Bob Lyons (Juniors), and Geoff Tomlinson (NJDT and Alumni).

For additional information, including questions about how to contact a program representative, please email