Nakkertok is again participating in Feederwatch Canada. This is a project to count birds in a specific area during the winter. So far, we have seen twelve species – Okay, its still early in the season.

More importantly, we have installed three birdhouses for Saw-whet Owls. You may have noticed some Bluebird houses over the last two years. All these come from Nakk neighbour Richard Fournier. Richard and his wife Diane have a Flickr site (22 million views!) with a Nakkertok page.

The Saw-whet Owl is our smallest raptor, about the size of a Cardinal. It is not endangered, but is rarely seen. It eats mostly mice and other small rodents. When threatened, it can camouflage itself as a tree branch. Its range is from Guatemala to Abitibi. A group of owls is referred to as a Parliament – seems appropriate considering our location.