Nakkertok has adopted Nordiq Canada and Cross-Country Ski Ontario’s policies on Safe Sport.

The policy gives clubs a clear set of guidelines for providing a safe environment for athletes, coaches, and club volunteers. And they are mandatory for any club that is affiliated with XCSO. 

Coaches, volunteers and athletes that have to be trained or screened according to the Safe Sport policy will be hearing from their program’s Safe Sport lead soon. 

Nakkertok is committed to the Safe Sport policy because we are serious about creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and safe.

We know this puts an additional burden on our volunteers, and we do thank you in advance for your commitment to creating an environment where each of us can achieve our goals.

Any questions or concerns, contact Club Vice-President Nick Vipond.

Review Nakkertok’s Safe Sport Policy (translation is pending)

What we have done

These are the steps we have taken to date:

  1. The club’s SafeSport policies are available for club members to read. 
  2. The Board of Directors has completed the required training and appointed a Safe Sport Officer.
  3. The club is now actively working towards compliance with the policies, with particular attention to the Screening Policy for the rest of its volunteers, staff, and athletes, where applicable. 

What we need to do

These are the screening requirements Nakkertok Coaches and volunteers. For more detailed information please see the Safe Sport Screening Policy


Role Rule of 2 Safe Sport MED1 Additional Screening
Racing Program Volunteer Coach – Adult Yes Yes Yes VSC3
Racing Program Volunteer Coach – Minor Yes Yes No No
Racing Program Part-Time Paid Coach – Adult Yes Yes Yes VSC
Racing Program Part-Time Paid Coach – Minor Yes Yes Yes No
Adventure Program Volunteer Lead Coach – Adult Yes Yes Yes VSC
Adventure Program Volunteer Assistant Coach – Adult Yes Yes No2 VSC
Adventure Program Volunteer Coach – Minor Yes Yes No No
LTS Program Volunteer Lead Coach Yes Yes Yes VSC
LTS Program Volunteer Assistant Coach Yes Yes No2 VSC
LTS Program Part-Time Paid Coach – Minor Yes Yes Yes No
Parent participating in overnight activity Yes Yes No VSC
Parent participating in regular activities No No No No

Notes: 1 – MED:  Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation
2 – “Yes” from the 2024-2025 season onwards
3 – VSC:  Vulnerable Sector Check