Head Coach Nakkertok Nordic:
Thanks to a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture  and Sport Quest for Gold Enhanced Coaching Program,  Nakkertok is hiring a full time, enthusiastic leader to be the new head of our race program overseeing athletes from FUNdamentals to Train Compete.
We have a successful high performance racing program with 250 athletes, 2 paid full time coaches, 3 part time paid coaches, a strong volunteer coach/
admin support structure and excellent facilities, including snowmaking. We are offering a competitive salary with benefits.
Competitive Development certification is requested and the hired coach must reside in Ontario during this role. Bilingualism would
be an asset. This position starts April 1, 2019.
If you are interested in joining our team please contact Race Program Director, Lisa Allan at email lmaskibike@gmail.com with a cover letter and resume.