Responsible To: Nakkertok Racing Committee


The technician will help develop the Nakkertok Ski Club Racing Program,  organize product and tools related to ski prep at the club and in preparation for and upon return from trips.

The technician will assist in managing the wax and ski prep supplies of the Nakkertok Racing Program, will organize wax and ski prep equipment at Nakkertok, communicate with paid coaching staff when products or equipment are low, missing or no longer functioning, assist in tracking wax usage, costs for each race to allow timely resupply: this may. The technician will also provide race support to Nakkertok Ski Club Racing Program at specified events throughout the race season, prepare a report on conditions and materials used following each trip submitted by the lead coach of the trip.

Skills and experience 

  • Willing to work hard and learn
  • High degree of written and verbal communication; expectation of reasonable response
  • times to written communication
  • Strong organizational capabilities including but not limited to: materials management
  • and inventory, wax room set-up
  • Communicate clearly, respectfully, and professionally
  • Experience with basic Word Processing, and Excel
  • Planning , Communication, organizing, documenting : 2-4 hours per week
  • Sense of humour
  • Good manual skills
  • Packing and unpacking: 3-6 hours per week
  • Ski prep support at local events

Term of Agreement

As soon as possible  to April 31, 2020

Contracted and flexible hours. Please note that hours are extremely variable based on the seasonal nature of cross country skiing.

Expected Total Remuneration Value

Hourly rate determined by experience and qualifications

Please contact Lisa Allen ( race director) at or 613-884-0743 for

more details or to apply.