Nakkertok Ski Club – Racing Program Job Description

Position Title: Ski Technician

Responsible To: Nakkertok Racing Committee

Direct Supervisor: Program Lead Coaches and coach responsible for equipment purchases

General Responsibilities

The Ski Technician will help develop the Nakkertok Ski Club Racing Program wax and ski service to allow Nakkertok athletes to be competitive domestically and internationally, and to further the clubs’ base of knowledge in wax use, wax application techniques, ski selection, and ski testing.

The Wax Technician will be monitored by the Nakkertok Racing Committee, and directly supervised and given direction primarily by the NJDT Head Coach.

Specific Ski Technician Duties

  1. Manage the inventory of all wax and waxing supplies of the Nakkertok Racing Program
  • Procure wax and waxing equipment, and ensure that it is adequate for the planned racing activities for the season with approval from coach responsible for equipment and materials
  • Manage test ski fleet of both skate and classic skis, updating grinds or making additional purchases as necessary
  • Track wax usage, costs, and make resupply as necessary throughout the season
  • Stay informed on changes and trends in the skiing community, and assess their relevancy to our program and system
  • 2. Develop a Program-Wide Database of Ski Marking and Evaluation
  • Meet with NJDT athletes and Junior athletes based on need, and assess their requirements in terms of skis, producing a report for the athlete and coach on gap analysis
  • Assist with the purchasing and selection of new athlete skis, and in helping athletes make contact with ski manufacturers
  • Test skis with athletes once on-snow to ensure quality of selected skis, and make adjustments as necessary
  • Test all skis within program from Juvenile to NJDT and develop an inventory of skis within the club
  • Train paid and volunteer coaches and support staff on testing and marking of skis
    • Assist with wax application, testing, and selection of both grip and glide waxes at selected events in coordination with other Program Coaches and volunteer staff
    • Prepare a report on conditions and waxes used following each weekend, and update
    • Must-attend events include World Junior/U23 Trials, Eastern Canadian Championships, and Canadian National Championships and Midget NORAMS


    1. Provide instruction and education to Nakkertok Ski Club – Racing Program
    • Update paid and volunteer staff knowledge on wax application techniques and selection protocols as required
    • Spread information through Racing Program via wax clinics, with the target of developing waxing knowledge and capacity throughout all Racing Program levels, from Racing Rabbit to NJDT


    Skills and Experience Required

    • Strong technical skier in both skate and classical techniques and able to make quick, good quality decisions regarding wax speed, kick quality, and glide
    • High degree of physical fitness in order to test consistently at a high pace throughout multiple race days
    • Experienced with a wide range of grip and glide waxes and their applications in various conditions; able to apply to test skis and athlete skis quickly and effectively
    • High degree of written and verbal communication; expectation of reasonable response times to written communication
    • Communicate clearly, respectfully, and professional with paid coaching staff, parent volunteers in the wax room, and athletes; work well with others
    • Experience with basic Word Processing, and Excel
    • Strong organizational capabilities including but not limited to; wax management and inventory, wax room set-up and volunteer direction, testing protocol, and daily schedules for testing and waxing
    • Participate in evening wax-room debriefing sessions on quality of skis, wax selected, and process
    • Able to communicate clearly with, and lead athletes in ski selection, doing both glide-outs and one versus one ski testing
    • Willing to work hard and learn
    • Sense of humour
    • Good manual skills


    Contracted Hours

    • Flexible hours, but with a focus on Tues/Thurs evenings, and Sat/Sunday mornings, which are core training times for club groups – 7-10 hours per week
    • Planning and Communication – 2-4 hours per week
    • Support Team, Supplier, Athlete, and Racing Committee Meetings – 1-2 hours per week
    • Waxing Clinics – 1 per month September-November, 2 per month December-March – 1-2 hours per week
    • Please note that hours are extremely variable based on the seasonal nature of cross country skiing
    • Core Events for which contracted days will be paid – 23 days:
    1. World Junior and Under-23 Trials – 6 days
    2. Eastern Canadian Championships – 4 days
    3. Quebec Midget NorAms – 3 days
    4. Canadian Ski Nationals – 10 days


    Terms of Agreement

    • September 1st, 2017 to March 31st, 2018


    Expected Total Remuneration Value

    • 23 days of race trips and travel, with a possibility of additional days based on club needs
    • 32 weeks with up to 20 hours per week at peak times
    • Hourly rate determined by experience and qualifications


    To Apply

    Please send a cover letter and CV to Kieran Jones at

    Application deadline is Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

    Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview

    Additional questions please contact Kieran Jones at

  • Provide race support to Nakkertok Ski Club Racing Program at specified events throughout the race season