The Nakkertok team of the Canadian Ski Patrol is trying to recruit more Nakkertok members to join the team to serve Nakkertok.  The Advanced First Aid training is a useful life skill and a way to serve Nakkertok as a volunteer.

Nakkertok’s volunteer ski patrol team is part of the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP).  Members of the Canadian Ski Patrol assigned to Nakkertok receive their training and insurance through the CSP, and adhere to national standards for Advanced First Aid.

Students are taught together in the City of Gatineau at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Elementary School, and must cover a $200 insurance fee and some of their equipment costs.  The local volunteer recruitment contact is Tatiana, whose phone number is
819-923-5218, her email is

Additional questions can be sent to John, Assistant Patrol Leader,  Nakkertok, at

Thank you for considering joining our team!

Courses for the Canadian Ski Patrol start:
Saturday, November 4, running on Saturdays, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings, til the end of November.  Course location is Ecole Secondaire Pierre Elliot Trudeau, located in Gatineau

Plus a very condensed course for nurses, paramedics and doctors starts later in November.