Hello all of you out there in the Nakkertok and Cross Country Skiing social media land. Even though fall has turned into summer and back to fall we all know that winter is coming.

The Nakkertok trails team and snowmaking committee have been hard at work and feel it is now time to call out to all of you talented folks out there to come up with a name for the Nakkertok ski loop (formerly known as NESSL)

Entries must be submitted by 23:59 October 31, 2017
You may submit more than one entry
Entries must be submitted  via this link

Consider what the acronym might look like on twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts
Name must “work” in both French and English

The Ski Loop Committee will select three entries. Nakkertok members will then select the winning entry through a voting process.

The winning entry will receive a Nakkertok Trucker Hat or other unique Nakkerwear item.