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ENRG Ski Fest: the Enduro and Stadium Sprint Championships

Nakkertok’s post-secondary high-performance team, ENRG, is putting on a late-season Ski Fest April 1st and 2nd, featuring the second annual Nakkertok Stadium Sprint Championships of the Universe and the Nakkertok Enduro. Saturday's Stadium Sprint Championship [...]

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Nakkertok raising funds for trail improvements via Nordic Canada

The trail improvement initiative will provide resources for: Trail maintenance and smoothing; allowing for a better skiing experience (as well as off season running/walking during summer/fall training seasons), and Additional and improved culverts; improving drainage [...]

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Weber loops and adventure race: registration open

Join us for the inaugural Nakkertok Weber Loops and Adventure Race! Due to challenges getting continuous land access between Nakkertok North and Nakkertok South, this year’s event must be at Nakkertok South only. This is [...]

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