Welcome to the new ski season.  At the time of writing this we’ve had two full weeks of Nakkertrak operations.  Based on the weather forecast we may once again have the only decent skiing in the region for the bulk of December.  We are getting ready to host the National Capital’s first XC Ski race in almost two years.  Our programs are in full swing and our membership numbers are up.  Our ski patrol have finished their onsite training and are once again ready to support our members.  The grooming staff are training on our new Pisten Bully.  It may look just like the old machine on the outside but on the inside it’s straight out of Top Gun.  We’ve secured new sponsors and received record levels of grant funding this past year.

All of this awesomeness; every trail, every building, every program innovation, every event, is the result of the incredible effort of our club volunteers.  You built this special place we all enjoy.  It’s hard work being a Nakkertok member but it’s absolutely worth it.

My personal Nakkertok journey started about 16 years ago as a brand new LTS Jackrabbit 1 coach.  I barely knew how to classic ski but Geoff Tomlinson was there to make sure I had the skills to give my class of 6 year olds the opportunity to learn to love skiing.  I coached for ten years, became a much better skier (although I’ll never be as good as my kids), learned new skills, met a lot of incredible kids, and made many friends.

Many of you are new members.  Some of you have been with us for a year or two and may not have found your volunteer pathway.  You don’t know where to start or are worried that you don’t have the skills needed. We are working on better tools to help you with this but in the meantime I encourage you to just jump in with both feet.  Whether it’s coaching LTS or helping at a race or any of the dozens of other roles you will be able to make a difference to our club.  We will provide you with the resources you need to be successful.

Here’s to another great season on the trails.