Yesterday was one of those groomer days. We are continuously checking the weather forecasts, XC and Biathlon event and training schedules to determine grooming plan to provide the best skiing conditions we can. Yesterday morning after 3cms of snow we got up at 0330 and were on the course before 0500. Everything wrapped up and ready for official training which was delayed until 1000. The original plan was to start the preparation for today’s 50km men’s race, immediately after official training at 2000hrs. Snow and wind crept into the last minute forecast so we decided to stall until Midnight. Good move as the wind died down, the snow stopped and the temperature dropped below freezing just as we parked at 0400hrs.

I am proud of what we were able to do last night and hopefully the race goes well. Start time is at 1400hrs this afternoon here which is midnight EST for most of you. Pressure is on for Alex Harvey and the other Canadian Skiers. Last event and  opportunity for an Olympic medal (until China). Canada needs a XC medal to keep our elite skiers in the game.

I placed a Loonie at the finish line almost a month ago…let’s hope Alex gets there first!!

1/  This one is for my good friend Bryan. Thousands of mainly Fischer Skis in the  ski depot areas all over the course being tested – Norway’s Wax Techs on the course more often and later than any other team.

2/ Phillippe, our Korean “go to” guy on the OC wearing his new “Pang” hat

3/ Look who I ran into…Les Parsons

4/  And….Randy Ferguson, dancing with the Korean Ladies during “half time show” he is the Stadium commentator and doing a fabulous job. Polished his trade at Easterns. The talking, not the dancing.

5/ Cradle of Korean Skiing – Daegwalnyeong, our cradle for 35 days.

That is it for now. A little sleepy, but soon heading up to watch the race!

Cheers Dirk