U12 – Racing Rabbits

The U12 – Racing Rabbit program is an introduction to racing with a focus on developing ski skills, physical literacy (agility, balance, coordination), speed, and basic racing technique. It introduces 10 to 11 year olds to the fun of training and competition. Developmentally, this program occurs prior to the onset of the growth spurt therefore the focus is on skill acquisition, speed and flexibility. The emphasis at this stage is on group-oriented games and activities to develop competence in the basic skills of both classic and skate skiing. Participants will be placed into training grouping based on skill and fitness. However many activities allow for socializing within peer groups. Participants are encouraged to race locally in a fun, supportive atmosphere. Athletes may be selected to participate in age appropriate provincial championships.

 Training Times  Wednesday Evenings and Saturday Mornings (early September to end March)
 Skill Requirements  Participants must have basic classic and skate skiing abilities equal to completion of the Nakkertok Level 3 Jackrabbit program.
 Equipment Requirements  Separate skate and classic skis are required. Specific classic and skate poles are required–the boots can be combi boots. We strongly recommend rock skis, good running shoes and a waist pack for water and snacks.
 Program Specifics
  • Coaching is provided primarily by certified volunteer coaches with our professional coaching as a resource for specific technique development
  • Dryland training (hikes, games, relays, fitness stations, scavenger hunts)
  • On snow training (games, relays, scavenger hunts, skill stations, races, loppets)
  • A one-day training camp in the fall at our Nakkertok facilities
  • One or two additional on-snow technique sessions
  • The Ski-over overnight camp
  • Coaching and support at all local races; wax support at Quebec Norams
  • Additional program activities (special events, social events, etc.)
  • Races from 2 to 7 depending on age and experience–costs from $15 to $25 per race
 Parental Contribution to Program  Parents are expected to contribute significantly to the season’s activities in addition to the basic club co-op commitment for a total 6 days per adult contribution or 10 days per family. These contributions can include:

  • Coaching workshops for community coach certification (the minimum level) or higher levels
  • Registration–fees and names for communications purposes
  • Communications support–updating the website
  • Photography and videography
  • Safety–taking care of those who might be cold, etc.
  • Special events organization–we need parents to help pull events
    together (knock-in sprints, treasure hunts, etc.)
  • Racing event support–we need event staff (our event to run is the
    Cookie Race)
  • Waxing team support–learn how to wax with experts!!!
 Racers are expected to participate in trail clearing and facility clean-up and learning about the cooperative nature of Nakkertok.