Volunteers make Nakkertok happen. And a lot of people give a lot of hours to that effort. So every year, the club honours people who’ve gone above and beyond what’s asked of them with its Volunteer Recognition Awards.

The awards offer a small token of respect and appreciation to volunteers or groups of volunteers in the following categories:

  • Volunteer(s) of the Year – Individuals who, through their significant contribution of time and effort, have helped ensure that the season has been a success.
  • New Volunteer(s) of the Year – First-year members of Nakkertok who have quickly adopted Nakkertok’s spirit of volunteerism and have made a significant contribution to the success of the club.
  • Golden Toque(s) – Long-time members of Nakkertok whose volunteer efforts over a number of years have played a significant role in making the club the success that it is today.

Do you know someone or some people who fit the bill?

Please take a few minutes to nominate them on the Nakkertok website.

The club’s Board of Directors will review all the nominations and announce the winners in June. The board will also be choosing a winner for a new award category, the Lifetime Contribution Award.

Deadline for nominations is Sunday, May 19th.