Non-members can pay for their ski at Nakkertok (cash only) or online here. You can also access this link by clicking Shop at the top of this page.

Note: If you are not familiar with the trails at Nakkertok, you can access the trail maps here.

Non-member Day Passes Ski  Snowshoe 
Adult (18+) $15 $7
Senior (65+) $12 $5
Student (18+) $10 $5
Youth (13-17) $10 $5
Child (under 13) $free $free
Family (2 adults, 3 youth) $30 $15
Group 10-24 10% discount
Group 25 or more 15% discount


Membership Level Fees*
Family (2 adults and dependents under 23 from the same household) $345
Family (1 adult and dependents under 23 from the same household) $285
Adult $175
Post-secondary student $100
Youth (17 and under as of Dec 31, 2022) $85
Senior (65+) $70
Nakkertok North – Val-des-Monts Only Coming soon
Volunteer Commitment –  Each individual adult member is required to contribute a minimum of two days of volunteer work, each family 4 days of work. Those who cannot contribute time must pay this fee-in-lieu of volunteer work. Parents of athletes in the Racing Program cannot choose this option as the need is too great. Fee in lieu of Volunteering – $125
Provincial Membership – Every club member must purchase a membership in their respective Provincial Sport Organization as part of their registration.

*Applicable provincial sales taxes for family membership and participants 15 years and older.


Programs Fees*
Learn-to-Ski Lessons (LTS)
Youth  (age 4-13) $135
Adult $150
LTS + Mud Monsters (Fall outdoor activities (age 4-13) $150
Adventure Program
Adventure (age 9-12) $270
Adventure (age 13-18) $285
Adult (Dryland and On-Snow) $150
Adult (On-Snow Only) $100
Adult (Dryland Only) $90
Paranordic Program
      Dryland and On-Snow $175
      On-Snow Only $100
Racing Program 2022-2023**
U10 – Mini Racing Rabbits (2013-14) $415
U12 – Racing Rabbits (2011-12) $450
U14 ( 1st year) Summer roller skiing $265
U14 2x/wk Fall/Winter $650
U14 3x/week Fall/Winter (1st and 2nd year) $920
U14 3x/week Year-Round (2nd year) $1380
U16 3x/week Fall/Winter $1155
U16 3x/week Year-Round $1695
U18 3x/week Fall/Winter $1255
U18 3x/week Year-Round $1815
ENRG Summer $1220
ENRG Fall/Winter $1975
ENRG Year-Round $2800

*Applicable provincial sales taxes for participants 15 years and older

**Please note that there will be an additional Trip Fee for coach and wax supported trips and races. These will vary based on the trip location and length. The cost of race wax and wax application is not included in program fees and will be charged per event with wax support as a part of the trip fee.