Nakkertok needs to replace its oldest groomer, a PistenBully 200, which is no longer reliable. The club is spending more time keeping this groomer operating than it is grooming. Nakkertok also has a PistenBully 100, which was purchased in 2012, that is also seeing wear and tear.

The cost of a new groomer is $300,000. Nakkertok has approximately $100,000 in a capital reserve fund, so we need to raise the remaining $200,000. Nakkertok is also actively pursuing sponsorships and any available grants to offset the cost of purchasing a new groomer.

To begin raising these funds, we have joined the Nordic Canada 100 Campaign to celebrate 100 years of skiing in Canada. The Nakkertok campaign is to raise money to buy a new groomer.

We are asking Nakkertok members to consider making a donation towards this campaign. Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt from Nordic Canada. Your donation will also help keep Nakkertok membership fees lower.

Nakkertok requires two reliable groomers to adequately groom our trail network. It takes between 8 to 12 hours to groom our entire 30 kilometer network of trails and open practice areas at Nakkertok South. Having two groomers makes it possible for our paid trails staff and volunteers to reliably complete all of the grooming, so that we can continue to ski on our beautiful Nakkertok trails.