Each year Nakkertok recognizes individuals that have made exemplified the spirit of Nakkertok volunteerism. This year the Nakkertok Volunteer Awards were presented to:

  • Brenda Platt – New Volunteer Award
  • Heather Erven – Volunteer of the Year
  • Ken Linfors – Volunteer of the Year
  • Marten Burns – Golden Toque

Thank you for your dedication and hard work for making Nakkertok a special community.


Thank you to Francois Blain

Nakkertok would also like to say goodbye and thank you to Francois Blain, the Nakkertok administrator. Francois was with Nakkertok for 8 years and has spent countless hours ensuring Nakkertok’s operation ran smoothly.  Thank you Francois for the last 8 years!

Francois Blain, Ken Linfors and Marten Burns