We have come up with many different scenarios on how to make the in-person sale possible. Unfortunately, due to changing restrictions and the safety of our members, we have decided to hold the Nakkertok Ski Swap virtually for the months of October and November 2020.

This is how.

Step 1 – Request to join Nakkertok Virtual Ski Swap on Facebook.

*** You will need a Facebook account to access this page***

Step 2 – Post an item to sell (skis, boots, poles, gear, clothes), including photos.

Step 3 – Scroll through, to shop the items. Buyers and sellers make arrangements to meet and exchange the items sold.

Step 4 – If you use the Nakkertok Virtual Ski Swap page to buy or sell any items, please send an e-transfer of $15 to nakkertok.skiswap@gmail.com and include “Ski Swap” in the e-transfer message.

This is a donation to the Nakkertok Racing Program, which normally gets a 20% commission from the in-person Ski Swap. The money raised goes to the Nakkertok Racing Program, to help fund wax and other race program expenses.

If you would like to donate the full proceeds of your sales to Nakkertok, that would be very much appreciated by the coaches and athletes of the Nakkertok Racing program.

Any questions can be sent to khalsajk@yahoo.ca or meghanehawkes@gmail.com