Mathieu Racette and Lina Lapierre

Mathieu Racette and Lina Lapierre

Two Nakkertok Ski4Life athletes picked up a number of top ten finishes as well as a bronze medal in biathlon at the World Winter Masters Game in Vermiglio, Italy.

Lina Lapierre and Mathieu Racette picked up five top ten finishes between them in the 7.5km classic, 7.5km skate and 15km skate events. They were on the podium for the relay event, each taking third in their respective categories.

“It was a great recognition of our hard work,” Lapierre said.

The pair have been competing in biathlon for ten years. They joined Nakkertok’s Ski4Life program two years ago to work on their ski technique.

“Proud and enthusiastic about what we learned with Ski4Life and coaches Tonya Hoferek and Zari,  we attended the event really confident of our improved skills and ready to race.”

Ski4Life is a training program for adults (18+) interested in improving both their classic and skate skiing and staying “fit for life”. The program is open to adults with skill levels between ‘basic’ and ‘world class athlete’.