Golden Toque: lifetime achievement award

Paul Van Leeuwen

Paul continues to give back, long after his own athletes have grown out of the racing program. Reputable sources indicate that Paul’s coaching contributions have exceeded 20 years. Year after year, from early May to the end of March, he offers many, many hours of coaching support for the U14/U16 program. He shows up to practice cheerfully and with a quiet enthusiasm. He is the “everything-you-need-in-a-coach” coach. Early in the mornings and late into the evenings Paul is ever-present at practice, respected and much appreciated by his coaching colleagues as well as the athletes, for his good humour and support. His sense of fun and breadth of experience leading young skiers is invaluable to the U14/U16 team.

Honorable Mentions

  • Claudia Bereznai
  • Stephanie Edwards
  • Rob Walsh

New Volunteer of the Year

Geranda Notten

Adventure Program benefits from some amazing coaching support and this year, our youngest athletes (the Fishers) had a new assistant coach. Geranda Notten quickly stepped in to participate and share her skills and aptitude for adventure. The Fisher head coach notes “Geranda was a great addition to the Fisher coaching team! Her enthusiasm and structure helped create fun practices where kids got to learn about skiing while having fun. She planned exciting sessions loaded with games and fun drills.” Similarly, the athletes approved! “Coach Geranda was a good coach because I learned to ski and I wasn’t very good before. She was strict and good”. We are all grateful for Geranda’s commitment and contributions!

Jon Boucher

Jon stepped in relatively late just prior to the start of the Sunday LTS sessions. He made a huge difference. In spite of the lack of volunteers and parents with huge expectations, Jon was able to find volunteers for coaching, assistant coaching, and for various events. Jon also set up and took down signs after each session; he also stuck around after each session to speak with folks and had a good presence. He also managed communication with parents.

Honourable Mentions

  • Jahn Fawcett
  • Eric and Monika Payseur
  • Jason Cheney

Volunteer of the Year

Imbaw Storer

Imbaw has really stepped up the last 2 years working with the trails grooming and maintenance team. Now one of the main secondary trails groomers.

Stephen Daniels

Of the many people who signed up online to volunteer, Stephen Daniels put his name down the most volunteer shifts (66 hours) as chief of timing for the two FIS events hosted at Nakkertok year plus helping timing for the smaller races and also Ontario Winter Games in Renfrew. It’s volunteering that’s less visible and involves less member contact. It doesn’t get noticed as much but it makes the club run, just the same.

Honourable Mentions

  • Sheila Sankey
  • Emily Beedell
  • Henry Taylor
  • Meghan Schreiner and the Norams planning committee
  • Chris North
  • Tracy Smith Baird
  • Suneeta Millington

Jeff Siderius

Jeff led the Mini Racing Rabbit program at Nakkertok. Jeff did an amazing job of planning and organizing the training sessions for the Minis each week. Jeff also led the Minis in participating in several racing events. Jeff is great role model and sets the bar high for all coaches. Much of the program’s success this year is due to Jeff’s dedication, hard work and great communication skills with other coaches, athletes and parents.

Christopher Alderson

Christopher started the season by learning the ins and outs of snowmaking and put in a number of snowmaking shifts. During the early season he also helped run the NRP ski testing program. As the winter progressed, Christopher took on the Chief of Venue role for Easterns on a couple of weeks notice and has been learning the timing roles. To end the season, he designed the LTS Shed replacement and developed the cost estimate.