Several Ways To Help

The spirit, essence and history of Nakkertok are characterized by a strong tradition of, and commitment to, volunteering by present and past members of the club. In fact, the operation of the club and the services it provides to its members depends almost entirely upon the volunteer efforts of Nakkertok member volunteers. This has helped to build a strong sense of community and ownership among Nakkertok members.

Volunteer opportunities are often coordinated through the Nakkertok ivolunteer page at Please take a look there for more information and to sign up.

Nakkertok members can support the club by volunteering their time and energy in a wide range of areas:

  • Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Racing Program
  • Events / Races
  • Learn to Ski Program
  • Adventure Program
  • Trails and Facilities
  • Board and Committees
A significant number of volunteers are needed to coach/assist the Learn to Ski (LTS) program. Please note that experience in coaching and expertise in skiing is not required as you can be paired with another coach. Please email if you are interested.
Volunteers are always needed to help maintain and improve the trails. If you are interested in volunteering please contact

Canadian Ski Patrol

Are you a Nordic skier looking for a fun way to keep busy and fit next winter? Join the ski patrol for top quality first aid training then spend your winter on the trails helping out those who need it. It’s a great way to make your volunteer contribution.

Training gets going in early September. If you’re interested or have questions, please send an email to OR

For key dates times and locations, please visit

Mandatory Commitment

Nakkertok members acknowledge and accept specific volunteer commitments when they register to join the club. Specifically:

  • Each adult individual or family member with no children participating in any club program will contribute two days of volunteer time to the club annually
  • Each parent of a child participating in Nakkertok’s Learn to Ski will contribute two days of volunteer time to the club annually
  • Each parent of a child participating in Nakkertok’s Racing or Adventure Programs will contribute between three and six days of volunteer time to the club annually, depending on the age of their athlete(s).

Fee-in-lieu of Volunteer Work

Nakkertok recognizes that for some adults / parents who do not have children in the racing program, it may not be possible to meet the required volunteer commitment. For this reason, we offer these adults / parents an opportunity to pay a fee in lieu of volunteer work. This option is not available, however, for parents with children in a racing program as these competitive teams require a great deal of volunteer support.

During the registration process, Nakkertok members are asked to identify their broad areas of interest for volunteer work. Subsequently, they will be contacted by Nakkertok volunteer coordinators in those areas to discuss and formalize the specific volunteer tasks they will undertake. It is very important that all Nakkertok members honour their volunteer commitments as all Nakkertok members depend on it.

Volunteer Awards

Nakkertok Members provide over 2,000 days of volunteer time to the club and the Nakkertok Board thanks all members for their support. Each year, we honour members for their outstanding contributions to our Club in the following categories:

  • Volunteer(s) of the Year – Individuals who, through their significant contribution of time and effort, have helped ensure that the Nakkertok season has been a successful one.
  • New Volunteer(s) of the Year – First year members of Nakkertok who have quickly adopted Nakkertok’s spirit of voluntarism and have made a significant contribution to the success of the club in their first year as members.
  • Golden Toque(s) – Long-time members of Nakkertok whose volunteer efforts over a decade or more have played a significant role in making the club the success that it is today.

Past and present award winners are listed below.


Golden Toque Award

  • Steven Paradine
  • Paul Van Leeuwen

New Volunteer of the year

  • Geranda Notten
  • Jon Boucher

Volunteer of the year

  • Imbaw Storer
  • Stephen Daniels
  • Jeff Siderius
  • Christopher Alderson


Golden Toque Award

  • Rodney Neufeld
  • Rob Smith
Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Benoit Letourneau
  • Sarah Walsh
  • Irene Casey
  • Rob Samulack
  • Sylvia Welke
New Volunteers of the Year
  • Anet Greenley
  • Melissa Marschke


Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Ken Lindfors
  • Robert Horning
  • Ian Skerrett

Golden Toque Award

  • Jennifer Tomlinson
  • Dave Mallory
  • Marcel Payant
Volunteer of the Year Award
  • Heather Pickersgill
  • Craig Storey and Edith Post
  • Jessica Ivy
  • Rob Grondin
New Volunteers of the Year
  • Ling Wang and Jing Zhang


Golden Toque – John Stephenson

Volunteers of the Year

  • Stephanie Edwards
  • Steve Bowman
  • Stephen Fleming
  • Claudia Bereznai
  • Bente Neufeld


Golden Toque – John Lewis Sr.

Volunteers of the Year

  • Emily Beedell
  • Jochen Lang and Max Lang
  • Bruce Dunn
  • Emil Jacobson

New Volunteers of the Year – Tom and Anise Wallace


Golden Toque – Jenifer Cepella and Jeff Pouw

Volunteers of the Year

  • Mike Stratford
  • Alain Nicolle
  • Jeff Strachan
  • Kevin Thomson


Golden Toque – Marten Burns

Volunteers of the Year

  • Heather Erven
  • Ken Lindfors

New Volunteer of the Year – Brenda Platt


Golden Toque – Etienne Gralland and Grant Williams

Volunteers of the Year

  • Corina Zechel
  • Benjamin Campin
  • Anton Scheier

New Volunteer of the Year – Susan Kim


Golden Toque – Kevin Jones and Luc Groulx

Volunteers of the Year

  • Anita Netherton
  • Lisa McMurray
  • Minh-Thu Hoang
  • Marcel Payant


Golden Toque – Richard McKenna

Volunteers of the year

  • Neil Fisher
  • Dave Adams
  • Andrew Batchelor

New Volunteer of the Year – Gilles Lavergne

Please Consult This Detailed Document To Find Out Where You Can Help