Women on Skis is a non-profit program run by a group of experienced volunteer skiers who raise funds for local women’s health and social issues.

Our Aims

  1. To encourage women of all levels to get out and enjoy winter, to network with others who have similar interests and to experience some of the best cross-country trails in Canada.
  2.  As a non-profit program run by a group of experienced volunteer skiers, we raise funds for local women’s health and social issues.  In recent years we have supported St. Joe’s Women’s Centre, Hospice Care Ottawa, Cornerstone, Eco Equitable, Sexual Assault Centre and Elizabeth Fry.  Last year,  2021,  we donated $1000 to Nelson House.

Our charity of choice for 2022

This year our members have chosen to support  Immigrant Women Services Ottawa a community based agency serving immigrant and racialized women. They create opportunities for women as they integrate into a new society, rebuild their lives free of violence, and achieve their personal goals.  This year they will be giving special focus on their Children Who Witness Violence program.   https://www.immigrantwomenservices.com

Our Promise – Your Responsibility :

We will make every effort to get you out on the trails as much as COVID protocols will allow.  If you do join us, welcome.  There will be a few things we will insist upon.

You Must:

  1. be a member of Women on Skis – and bring NO GUESTS.
  2. be fully vaccinated
  3. wear a mouth and nose covering while assembling.
  4. maintain physical distancing at all times.
  5. register for each outing in advance via Doodle poll – and notify us by 8am that day if you need to cancel
  6. follow all instructions of your group leader

We will be organizing no post ski activities or lunches this year.

Membership / Registration

All participants and leaders must be fully vaccinated and a member of WOS in order to take part in this program.   Online sign-up will be required giving us full contact tracing if needed.

You can email a copy of your vaccination certificate to womenonskis23@gmail.com or bring proof of vaccination to your first outing.

Our all inclusive Women on Skis membership cost for 2022 is $35.  This includes $18 for membership with Cross Country Ski Ontario (XCSO), and Nordiq Canada(NC) which covers insurance.  If you are already a member of these organizations through another club, your fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Refund Policy:  Regretfully we cannot offer refunds.  NC and XCSO will not give refunds (the $18 part) and as for the $17 WOS charge, some of it has already gone to processing fees, some will go to our costs and the rest to a very good cause, our chosen charitable group.  The chosen group will be named once we have received our member’s input.

Our program for this year?

We have many  options in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. We will have 5 dates in 2022 ( Jan.7, 20, Feb. 4, 17, March 4).  Our current plans see us on the Nakkertok trails for 1 outing and in the Gatineau park for the other 4. We also hope to be able to invite members for a ‘meet and ski’ on the Ottawa Community trails some of the other weeks.        

Trail fees:  Additional trail fees apply at many sites – Gatineau Park and local clubs.  We may be making use, as well, of the many new Ottawa community trails.  We encourage donations to support these trails.

Meet and Ski Days

Many of our leaders enjoy a day on our Community Trails.  When the weather is looking good they may invite members to join them on one of the trails in short notice.  These notices will be sent on a Monday or Tuesday for a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday ski.

What to Wear and Bring on Outings:

  • Layered clothing is preferable to allow flexibility depending on changes in temperatures.  You should have freedom to move and be well protected from, cold, snow and wind.
  • Your base layer should wick moisture away from the body.  Cotton will NOT do this.
  • A small pack with waxes, scraper and a cork. (See Waxing Supplies below)
  • A small personal first aid kit with a whistle.
  • Snack and liquid replacement
  • Spare mitts and socks
  • Money to cover trail fees and lunches if applicable
  • ID including a daytime emergency phone number

At all locations you should have waxed, stretched, warmed up at your car and be ready to ski by the designated time for your group.  To keep group sizes limited, we will either meet at different locations or start 15 minutes apart.  Be sure to note your time and place based on your previous on-line signup and please don’t be late.  To avoid crowding, we will be leaving on time.  Any last minute changes will be posted  on this website, on our Facebook page and on Twitter(@womenonskis) by 8 am the morning of the outing.  You will also receive an email if you have signed up on-line.

Suggestions for your wax supplies

From left to right :

Waxes: Toko is recommended because of its roll up feature which makes the waxes easy to use and also it wide temperature ranges.  There are other brands of ski wax, – all good.

  • Base Wax: sometimes referred to as binder was.  Use this on the grip zone before applying kick or grip wax.  It helps grip way to stay on the ski. (grip zone – the central part of the ski below the foot)
  • blue: In a good year we ski with blue wax most days
  • red: for slightly warmer days
  • yellow: for warm days.

(You can also get a green wax for cold days and klisters for icy days.)

Cork: for smoothing grip wax   and a Scraper:  for removing grip wax

Ski specific solvent : for cleaning skis especially in the grip zone.  Do not use other solvents.  They may leave a residue.

Liquid glide wax -: two sizes shown.  Use on grip or kick zone of fish scale type ‘Waxless” skis.  This can also be used on glide zones though not as good as having the glide zone hot waxed.

Brush:  for renewing, refreshing glide wax.

Not shown: small piece of find sand paper and small sanding block for preparing the grip zone.

Not on our mailing list?

You can sign up here. This will keep you up to date at the beginning of each year.

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